Chassis L60025-L61024

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Valve Gear Water Connections Water Pump Wheels Wings


This publication is issued to enable customers to specify correctly their requirements when renewals to any part of the car become necessary, thereby avoiding delay and ensuring the supply of correct parts.

All the principal components are fitted with a Component List Number Plate (see illustration). Also, wherever practicable, the Drawing Number is stamped on each part.


When a replacement is required the Car Number (see plate on frame, near rear engine arm), Component Number and Drawing Number, taken from the actual car, component and part, should be quoted.

Where this is not possible the illustration of the part required should be found in this Catalogue, and the corresponding number in its accompanying list will give its correct description and Drawing Number, which should be quoted together with the Component List Number and Car Number.

EXAMPLE: One Radiator Filler Cap, 299465. Component List No. 30426 for Lanchester "LD10" No. L61800.

When ordering by Cable it is only necessary to quote the Drawing Number and the quantity required.

EXAMPLE: Forward immediately one 299465.

We reserve to ourselves the right to alter any part as may be considered advantageous, and therefore it is possible that the illustrations in this book may not in all cases exactly resemble the part required. If, however, the Car Number and Component List Number are quoted, the correct part will be supplied.