Voltage Regulator

technical data -

Lucas model RF91 (Briggs) and RF95 (Barker). Lucas service numbers 37031A and 37057E respectively.
Fuses are 25A (Lucas part #FA25).

maintenance -

Testing refer to link at Bottom of Page...

problems -

Over-tightening the screw terminals leads to stripped threads and damaged screw heads.

The metal strips on the underside of the unit have been known to snap at the rivets - probably as a result of over-tightening at the screw terminals.

Careless adjustment of the cut-out or regulator may leave either or both not functioning within their correct limits, which can lead to damage to the dynamo.

removal -

After disconnecting the wiring, remove 2 hex-headed screws (one either side).

other notes -

A replacement RF95 is available from Vintage Spares Ltd. as part number #RF95.

It is believed the RF91 was also fitted to the Singer 9hp & 10hp Roadster (1946-51).

diagrams -

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The regulator (located in the engine bay) is separated from the bulkhead by a flexible rubber? sheet as shown above.
The image shown is an RF95 gasket as found in the Barker-bodied LD10 - an RF91 gasket may differ in size and/or shape.

Control Box Tests