Briggs Headlining and Sunroof

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removal -

To remove the sunroof, proceed as follows:-

1). Turn the operating handle of the sunroof, so that the sunroof latch is open. The back of the sunroof should drop.

2). Remove the screw in the middle of the handle.

3). Remove the handle from its square spindle. It should just slide off if there is no corrosion present.

4). Remove the upholstered, 3" wide (approx) trim strip that runs from side to side at the front of the sunroof. This is held in with spring clips, which clip into holes and are similar to those, which hold door trim in place. Take care, as the trim strip is made from very thin plywood, which is very dry and brittle after fifty years, especially around the centre hole.

5). Loosen the eight screws that are located where the two ends of the trim strip had previously covered them. There are four screws at each side of the sunroof. When loosening the screws only do so sufficiently to allow the clamping plates to lift over the locking dogs. Do not undo the screws very far.

6). Use a light hammer and a sharp edged brass drift on the (now loose) clamping plate, ease it up above its locking dog and drift it outwards, away from the handle spindle, to release the clamp from the runner. Repeat for the other side. The holes underneath the screw heads are slotted and the screws will slide outwards in the slots. Each of the four screws on either side is fastened into the same locking plate beneath the slots, so the locking plate and each set of screws should be moved outwards together as one unit.

7). The front of the sunroof can then be lifted above the car roof and slid forward to remove it entirely.

8). WARNING. Do not try to drive, tow, or trailer the car with the front of the sunroof unsecured.

Several have blown out because of this and have been lost, or destroyed by heavy traffic. Spare sunroofs are hard to come by.

9). When refitting the roof, don't forget to open both front fixing clamps before sliding it into place.

10). Draw the sunroof about 4" open and use the drift to return the clamping plates to their locking slots. Lock the sunroof with the handle (this tightens the clamps) and fully tighten the eight clamping plate screws.

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