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It may be possible to obtain a replacement wiring loom from 'Auto Sparks', part numbers LN12c (Briggs) and LN14c (Barker).

diagrams -

All images are scanned from originals, wherever possible, at 100dpi (unless otherwise noted) and must be scaled when printed to preserve the original size (eg. scale up by 3 times for a 300dpi printer).

Note, however, that due to slight scaling inaccuracies during both the scanning and inevitably the printing, these images should be taken as an approximation for reference only.
In addition, drawings, measurements and notes of materials used are intended as a guide and aid to the restorer, and not necessarily a definitive, or even guaranteed correct, reference.

The small, rubber grommet shown protects the wiring loom as it enters the boot from under the chassis.

Rear section of the main wiring harness from a Briggs-bodied LD10.

Lucas Wiring Diagram

(Updated) Wiring Diagram