technical data -

Independent front suspension with heavy-duty helical springs controlled by radius arms which resist the braking torque. Luvax-Girling self-recuperating piston-type hydraulic shock absorbers coupled by anti-roll torsion bar. Long, rubber-insulated semi-elliptic springs are used to rear, in conjunction with Luvax-Girling dampers, between which is fitted an anti-sway bar. The dampers are given a differential setting to allow a soft action as the wheels rise, and greater control on the rebound.

Front (O/S) shock absorbers are Girling type #PR5/30, Assembly #B881601X, Component assembly #S51/127X (serrated shaft), Linkage #LLP51/127X.
Front (N/S) shock absorbers are Girling type #PR5/29, Assembly #B881601Y, Component assembly #S51/127Y (serrated shaft), Linkage #LLP51/127Y.
Rear (O/S) shock absorbers are Girling type #PR5/29, Assembly #B881971Y, Component assembly #S51/129Y (serrated shaft), Linkage #LLP51/129Y, Specification reference #A403141Y.
Rear (N/S) shock absorbers are Girling type #PR5/30, Assembly #B881971X, Component assembly #S51/129X (serrated shaft), Linkage #LLP51/129X, Specification reference #A403141X.

Silentbloc suspension bushes, part numbers E20822 and E2050.

maintenance -

Check and top-up shock absorber oil every 12,000 miles.
Note that the knurled end caps on the shock absorbers should only be removed to empty the existing fluid from them. Provided the same type of fluid is used continuously, it should not be necessary to remove these caps - the filler plug and dipstick is the hexagon-headed screw, located on the top of the unit.

Lubricate swivel axle and suspension joints every 1,000 miles.

Lubricate rear springs every 1,000 miles with penetrating oil. (Note that the rear spring shackles do not require lubrication).

At the bottom of each of the two front suspension vertical links (listed as 'Pedestals' in the spare parts catalog) is a spherical bearing. The balls and seats of this unit will wear quickly if not greased regularly. Do use waterproof grease on these bearings because ordinary grease can be washed out and can allow water to get in. Note that normal service wear can be taken out by the removal of shims.

problems -

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removal -

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other notes -

If a rear spring is removed and replaced, the car should be loaded before the shackle bolts are tightened fully.

To top up shock absorbers, remove from car and mount in vice. While adding fluid, work lever through full movement to expel air.

The front suspension link bushes used on the Reliant Kitten may be a suitable replacement for the small suspension bush (E2050).

Both the E2050 and E20822 Silentbloc bushes are available from David Beales Engineering.

Measurements of used rubber bushes from the suspension 'dog bones' (8 per car) suggest they were originally 1" long and 3/4" outer diameter. They were probably 25 Shore (firm).

Although a front anti-roll bar was fitted as standard, it must be maintained to pass the MOT and has often been removed by later owners as a consequence.

The rubber pads for the end of the stabiliser bar/anti roll bar links may be replaced by a Unipart bush, part #C10996-5350A81. (The correct order to fit is 1st bush, anti-roll bar, 2nd bush, welch washer). It has been suggested that it may also be possible to replace the complete link with the suspension link from a Ford Transit.

It may be possible to replace the stabilization bar vertical link bushes with those supplied for the 'dog bone' link on the front suspension of the Mini Metro.

The PR5 shock absorbers are said to be interchangeable with those used on the Rover P4.

Metalastik part numbers #13/1061 and #13/1480 are alternatives to the E2050 and E20822 respectively.
It may be possible to use Silentbloc parts #E20946 or #E2090 as alternatives for the spring eyes (only) and Metalastik part #13/691 as a close match for E20822.

diagrams -

All images are scanned from originals, wherever possible, at 100dpi (unless otherwise noted) and must be scaled when printed to preserve the original size (eg. scale up by 3 times for a 300dpi printer).

Note, however, that due to slight scaling inaccuracies during both the scanning and inevitably the printing, these images should be taken as an approximation for reference only.
In addition, drawings, measurements and notes of materials used are intended as a guide and aid to the restorer, and not necessarily a definitive, or even guaranteed correct, reference.

The anti-roll bar with measurements.

Offside and Nearside anti-roll bar Links with measurements.

The bottom transverse link for the front suspension, showing the position of one of the E20822 bushes.

A cork Kingpin washer.

Assembly sketch drawing of the lower front suspension balljoint.

Offside rear shock absorber (left) and nearside rear shock absorber (right).

Nearside front shock absorber (left) and offside front shock absorber (right).

Offside and Nearside anti-roll bar Links with measurements.

Part of a replacement and modification kit for the front suspension bottom balljoint. A retaining plate (one of 4 per vehicle) in mild steel.

Silentbloc bearing details :

Location Quantity Part # B D K L
Front Suspension Top Link Eye4 E20507/16"7/8"1.3/8"1.1/2"
Front Suspension Transverse Link2 E208221/2"1.1/16"1.3/4"2"
Front Suspension Torque Link Eye2 E208221/2"1.1/16"1.3/4"2"
Chassis Rear Shackle Eye2 E208221/2"1.1/16"1.3/4"2"
Rear Leaf Spring Eye (1.1/2" Spring)4 E208221/2"1.1/16"1.3/4"2"
Heavy Duty Van Leaf Spring Eye (2" Spring)4 E208391/2"1.1/16"2"2.3/8"

None yet.