Propellor Shaft

technical data -

Hardy Spicer, needle roller bearing universal joints with nipples for lubrication of joints.

maintenance -

Lubricate (see notes below) propeller shaft spline every 3,000 miles and universal joints every 12,000 miles.

problems -

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removal -

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other notes -

CAUTION — If car is to be towed more than two or three miles, propeller shaft must be removed. Running gear relies on pressure lubrication from pump driven by primary shaft, which only revolves when engine is running.

When filling the universal joint with grease, fill each trunnion reservoir and races with rollers in position about half full with one of:
Shell - Retinax A
Shell - Alvania no.2
Esso - Beacon no.2
Esso - Multi-purpose Grease H
Mobil - Mobil Grease MP
BP - Energrease L2
Regent - Grease 904
Wakefield - Castrolease LM
(These should be used in lieu of gear oil.)

Hardy Spicer Propellor Shafts

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