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Only 3,030 Lanchester LD10's Chassis were allocated in total, of these there were 25 prototype Chassis's allocated but it is unknown how many prototypes were actually built or had Bodies fitted.  Then approximately 95% of the first 2,426 chassis (1946 to 1949) were fitted with the all steel 'Utility' body built by Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd. of Dagenham and appoximately 95% of the last 579 chassis (1950 and 1951) were fitted with coach-built bodies built by Barker and Co, at the Radford Works, Coventry. The remaining 5% (or so) were fitted with a range of interesting bodies, including Utility bodies, vans, two door drophead tourers and saloon car bodies built by other coachbuilders.

Other known coachbuilders include:-

    E. D. Abbott of Farnham Hooper & Co of London
    Mumford’s, Abbey Garage, Plymouth Avon Coachworks of Warwick
    B.S.A. H. J. Mulliner & Co.Bedford Park, Chiswick, West London

See the estimated market value here.

We currently believe (September 2019) that approximately 94 Briggs-bodied cars and 107 Barker-bodied cars may remain. Of those known, 27 are Briggs 1st series, 39 are Briggs 2nd series, 28 are Briggs 3rd series, 107 are Barker.

At the same time, it is likely that only 121 are road-worthy around the world, with 9 being Briggs 1st series, 12 Briggs 2nd series, 13 Briggs 3rd series, 3 'specials' and 84 being Barker-bodied.

The list below shows those cars for which we do have records - the lighter the text color, the less is known. The fate of so many of the cars is unknown - Please contact us if you know any information not presented here or to update this information.

L60000 to L60024 Prototypes - Produced (1938 to 1946)
numberregistrationcolor (outside/inside) information
L60025 to L61024Briggs - 1st series (April 1946 to June 1947)
numberregistrationcolor (outside/inside) information
L61800 to L62799Briggs - 2nd series (June 1947 to April 1948)
numberregistrationcolor (outside/inside) information
L62800 to L63225Briggs - 3rd series (April 1948 to November 1949)
numberregistrationcolor (outside/inside) information
L63226 to L63804Barker - (June 1950 to June 1951)
numberregistrationcolor (outside/inside) information
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'Missing Unknown Briggs Series'
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